Adopt a Fixture or Fitting Programme

Adopt a Fixture or Fitting Programme

While we have most of the funding required the restoration of the Church's wall and electrical system, to fully restore the Church, we will need extra funding for; the acquisition of appropriate lighting fixtures, the restoration of the secondary stained glass windows and doors, and fans to upgrade our ventilation system. As such, we’ve launched the Adopt-A Fixture or Fitting Initiative to give our parishioners and supporters, the chance to sponsor or “adopt” one or more of these elements. These will make the perfect gift or memorial and your contribution will be appropriately acknowledged.

Lighting Fixtures

 Hanging Lanterns by Anna Serrao We’ll be installing ten (10) individual Hanging Lanterns and four (4) matching pairs of Ceiling Lights. These will be made of painted metal sheet and frame. The metal sheet is fretted in motifs taken from the existing stain-glass windows. These fixtures are designed and hand fabricated by acclaimed artist Anna Serrao and are beautiful and poignant pieces of art that parishioners and visitors will be able to enjoy and find meaning for many generations to come.

Available: 14 (10 hanging lanterns and 4 Celing Lights)

Cost: TT$ 4,000 per fixture

Adopted(2018-09-13): 14/14

Windows and Doors

 New Doors and Staind Glass Windows Excluding the main stained glass panels above the altar there are some 22 stained glass windows in need of refurbishment. As a stopgap measure, some of the original windows were substituted with aluminium louvers. These will now be replaced with new custom glass panels that bear the original decorative motifs. The Church has seven (7) wooden external doors which have been badly damaged with the passage of time. There are 14 individual panels to be restored as each door is made up of two panels that will be stripped, reconditioned and repainted to match the new colour scheme.

Available: 22 Windows and 14 Door Pannels

Cost: TT$ 4,000 per fixture

Adopted(2018-09-13): 6.5/22 Windows and 3/14 Door Panel s

Ventilation System

Industrial Wall Mountd Fans Four (4) new Industrial Fans are required for the newly designed mixed-mode ventilation system which relies both on natural flow and mechanical fans to achieve the optimum levels of cooling.

Avaiable: 4

Cost: TT$ 4,000 per unit

Adopted(2018-09-13): 0/4

How to Participate

  1. Decide if you want to sponsor one or more lighting fixtures, windows, doors or fans.
  2. Email with your details.
  3. Make your donation:
    • Cash/Cheque: Make cheques payable to The Church of Good Shepherd
    • Direct Deposit: Republic Bank, Tunapuna : Acct# 550211370501

Outside Trinidad and Tobago? Email or call 1 (868) 663-2153 for instructions.