Good Shepherd Church Restoration Project

Good Shepherd Church Restoration Project

In July 2018 we began major restorative works on the Good Shepherd Church building. In this phase of our restoration project, we are seeking to addresses the damaged interior and exterior walls of the church building as well as the out dated electrical system. We also plan to install new lighting fixtures, refurbish the secondary stained glass windows the entry doors and upgrade the ventilation system. This is part of a comprehensive restoration project which started in 2015.

Good Shepherd Needs Renovation

Phase I - The Bell Tower ($TT 182,000)

The restoration began in 2015 with our famous bell tower which was deemed unsafe. Today we have new bell tower at a cost of TT$ 182 Thousand. Once more the people of Tunapuna can listen out and hear the bells on Sunday mornings.

Good Shepherd Needs Renovation

Phase II - The Roof (TT$ 162,000)

Phase II involved our roof, which after many years leaked profusely. The estimated costs of these repairs was TT$ 162 Thousand. Re roofing was completed in the first half of 2017.

Phase III - Interior/Exterior Walls, Painting and Electrical

Repair, Re plaster and Repaint Walls

In early July 2018, we embarked on our most ambitious project to date. This phase entails the repair, re-plastering and repainting our interior and exterior walls which are extensively damaged. These masonry walls are finished with lime mortar and require the attention of specialized artisans. The Church will also be repainted so as to enhance beautiful architectural features of the building. Many lighting fixtures no longer function and much of the wiring that supports the Church’s lighting and electrical outlets has significantly degraded. The current electrical system will receive an upgraded distribution and circuit service.

New Lighting Fixtures, Windows, Fans

Additional Work

Naked florescent bulbs will be replaced with new light fixtures that highlight the artistic beauty of the Church. The new lighting fixtures fixtures are designed and hand fabricated by acclaimed artist Anna Serrano. We also plan to refurbish the secondary stained glass windows, restore and refinish the entry doors and upgrade the ventilation system. To this end, we've launched the Adopt-A Fixture or Fitting Initiative to give you the chance to sponsor or “adopt” one or more of the lighting fixtures, windows, doors or ventilation fans. These will make the perfect gift or memorial and your contribution will be appropriately acknowledged.

We Need Your Help

Our budgetary projections show that we will need an additional TT$ 1/2 Million to complete the project. We are thus appealing to you, our parishioners (past and present), as well as our supporters in the wider community for help in funding the project. We need your donations large or small if we are to successfully complete this project!

  • Donate by Cash/Cheque: Make cheques payable to The Church of Good Shepherd
  • Direct Deposit: Republic Bank, Tunapuna : Acct# 550211370501
  • More information about the Adopt-A Fixture or Fitting Initiative

Artistic Impression of Renovated Church

Artistic Impression of Exterior of Renovated Good Shepherd Church