What is the Vestry

The Vestry serves as the defacto “Board of Directors” of the Parish i.e they act as agents and legal representatives of the Parish. The are charged with the responsibility of administering the temporal affairs of the Parish, and maintaining the church and all other buildings and grounds belonging to the Parish. The Vestry are elected by the Parish from among confirmed communicants in good standing. Members of the Vestry serve a term of one year, assuring continuity and diversity. The Rector is a member of the Vestry and presides at its meetings. The Parish Vestry meeting incorporate both Good Shepherd, Tunapuna and St Oswald’s, Caroni.


  • The Rector’s Warden is appointed by the Rector from among the Vestry members. They act as consultant and advisor to the Rector.
  • The Peoples warden is elected by the Vestry from its members. They are mainly responsible for the upkeep of church property.

(2018-2019) Vestry Membership

  • Mr. Dave James - Rectors Warden
  • Mrs. Eula Reid-Mayo - Peoples Warden, Good Shepherd
  • Mrs. Rita Watson Steele - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Eulyna Julius
  • Mr. Oscar Gooding
  • Mrs. Lystra Roach
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Sargent
  • Mrs Susan Rennie
  • Mr. Dane Goodridge
  • Mr. Christopher Clarke
  • Ms. Marjorie Squires - St Oswalds Vestry Representative
  • Mr. William Calliste - People Warden, St. Oswalds
  • Ms. Joanne Crichlow - Assistant People’s Warden St Oswalds