Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


Seeking a place to be baptized, married, or to commend the soul of a loved one to God? Good Shepherd is ready to be of service to you in these important moments of life.


Baptism is the rite by which we become part of the Church, the Body of Christ in the world. It is available for people of all ages, from infancy into adulthood. Baptism properly takes place during the regular Sunday worship, and often on Feast Days when it is particularly special. Please contact the Parish Office at 663-2153 to arrange a personal visit. You will be apprised of the requirements for Baptism. Baptism counselling sessions are held on the first and second Tuesday of the month at the Church. In the case of infant Baptism, the Parents and Godparents are expected to attend at least two counselling sessions.


Congratulations! We are delighted whenever two people commit to make a covenant with God and one another. Marriage is serious business, and requires careful preparation. Your first step is to meet with the rector. Please call the Parish Office at 663-2153 to set up appointment to discuss the arrangements. *Please note that no wedding can be considered scheduled at Good Shepherd until you have met with the rector. Please attend this meeting before making other, non-refundable, arrangements.


One of the most important callings of the Church is to stand with our brothers and sisters who mourn as they give thanks to God for the life of their loved one, and commend their soul to God. Good Shepherd stands ready to journey with you in this difficult and challenging time. Please call the Church office (663-2153) before you begin to finalize any funeral arrangements.