Anglican Church Men's Society

The ACMS is viewed as the alternate to the Mothers Union, and is comprised mainly of men devoted to living out the Christian faith. The role and purpose of the society is “witness, fellowship and service”. Its patron saint is St Oswalds. Motto: Together Everyone Achieves More if there is Total Effort from All Members.

Objectives of the Society:

The Good Shepherd Branch of the ACMS was established in 1968.

St. Luke S: 1-11 or St. Matthew 28: 16-20

(These may be used at Branch meetings or privately)


(To be said daily)

O Almighty God, who hast called us to thy service in the fellowship of thy holy Church; bless, we beseech thee the Anglican Church Men’s Society in all its branches. Make all our members sound in faith and holy in life; bestow upon us the spirit of prayer and supplication; grant us by love to serve one another; and perfect in us that good work which thou hast begun; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen