Adult Bible Study and Prayer Group

The Adult Bible Study and Prayer Group is open to all adult parishioners seeking to have a deeper relationship with God through the knowledge and interpretation of the Bible. This group seeks to ensure that the words of Scripture which guides us every day in our lives can transform us to live in accordance with God’s will for us. Parishioners are encouraged not just to attend church on a weekly basis but to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through daily meditation and reflection on His Word.

The Good Shepherd Bible study and prayer group meets every Tuesday from 2:30 p.m to 4: 00 p.m. There are currently only 10 members and members are required only to walk with their Bibles. This group actively participates in the life of the Church by providing breakfasts every 5th Sunday. There is a need for greater participation in this group and commitment to prayer life.

Please contact Rita Steele at 755-6438 if you would like to join the weekly Bible Class.