Life in the Spirit

This group is devoted to the deepening of an individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ by invoking the transformative nature of the Holy Spirit in his/her life. Members are trained via seminars that help them to realize the fire, the breath, the gifts, fruits and the charisms of the Holy Spirit.

The objectives of the seminar are:

The Seminar includes an explanation session which addresses topics such as God’s love, Salvation, New Life, Repentance, Introduction to Inner Healing, Counselling and Rites of Reconciliation, Inner Healing and Laying on of Hands, Growth, the Holy Eucharist, Agape Meal and the Presentation of Prophecies

In this parish this group is no longer active and so is in urgent need of members who are called to learn how to witness to others in this parish through prayer, persons wishing for the Holy Spirit to be awakened in their lives. Seminars are usually held throughout the diocese. A seminar is scheduled to be held in the Parish of St. Clements from 11th June 2019 for 8 weeks.